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Story a Day 2019 - For the next 31 days, I will be endeavouring to write. It may be a whole story or simply a start for something bigger for the future.
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Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Day 22 - Couch Fury

Story a day challenge 'One Sided Dialogue'
Last year’s version - This year built on it a bit.
‘This is bullshit, who wrote this crap!’
‘Brrrr, Brrrr; Brrrr, Brrrr - You have reached the voicemail of Dinga Bell.’
‘Dinga, bloody answering machine, how can I get your bloody answering machine. Did you watch the GoT, no that’s right you’re out on a date.  A date that took more priority over the GoT. Well anyway either delete the message now else you’ll get spoiler.  Right the Spoiler! Cersei got killed by a rock. A ROCK!!  That’s bloody insane, why the hell have I over invested in this show? Eight years. EIGHT YEARS! Seriously mate, it’s crap, these writers have lost the plot. See you tomorrow.’
‘Oh bloody hell!’

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Day 21 - Stickman Sam - Epistolary Story

'Ssssssss' then silence, and he existed.  Stickman Sam would be his name, and here he was, standing at the bottom left of a clean white lined page inside one of Jelex's first schoolbooks of the year.

Sam had been with Jelex since grade 1, they had been on many adventures together. Especially at the start of the year. When the books were new. New books meant opportunity. Where would Jelex's mind take him today?

Monday, 20 May 2019

Day 20 - 2020

Today's writing prompt from was 'Write The Same Incident From Three Different Perspectives'

Sophia was stumped, after an announcement tone, like that of a hospital, airport and or train station interrupted the latest Taylor Swift song 'Democracy is dying' her screen switched to blue with a 'Warning!' from the government.

Sunday, 19 May 2019

Day 19 - Election Day

On this surprising election day
We find the liberals have been given the right of way
The left is now bereft and left in dismay
All the polls did say, the left would get their way
Maybe, just maybe there is some good to come from this day.
The rightmost of the liberals losing their way
To and independent woman that will better lead the way
Fingers crossed my wife says
Hopefully, the political class will find their way
With the leadership of labor not in favour
Maybe, just maybe they’ll let a woman lead the way
Imagine that if you may
A government that governs instead of always being in a fray
One that might just lead the nation the correct way

NOTE - today's prompt was to write a sonnet or prose of 14 lines only.

Day 18 - Addition to the party

The cavern was massive, stalagmites and stalactites were well formed, looking like pillars randomly spread throughout, creating the illusion that they were holding up the ceiling.
The treasure was spread all over the floor, forming golden stalagmites, much more stunted and broad than their natural counterparts.  It was odd to be sitting in such a space, and not madly bagging the treasure.
Jelex knew better though, Bobmadik had been very clear that the treasure had a valid owner; an owner that he did not want to upset. From what she could work out, it had been about three days that they had been waiting. Bobmadik was adamant that the owner would turn-up soon.