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An attempt to write something anything in one go and release, iterate and improve later if I take it further.

Friday, 25 August 2017


    'Who's that?'
    'We don't know.'
    'What do you mean he is on your conference call'
    'Yup, we bought the HC number second hand, dialled in and he was here.'
    'How's that possible?'
    'Well, we figure someone has a node that has been left online'
    Rod sat back in his seat, not quite relaxed; this was all new to him having just joined the company. 'I don't get it?'
    'Don't get what'
    'How does that work, I thought when you hang up all nodes automatically disconnect'
    'Yeah, they're meant to. We think this fellow has avatar software and he forgot to turn it off. So every time we start the HC it automatically logs on.'
    'How's that possible?'
    'I don't know, this guy has been here since day one he is freaking everyone out.'
    'What do we know about him?'
    'Nothing, he just sits there.'
    'It's odd that it's still running. You seriously say it's second hand, who'd we buy it from?'
    'Rod, Mike.'
    'Iain. How are you going?'
    'I see Chucky is still here'
    'Yeah, Let's get on with the meeting'
    'Hey, Mike.' lifting his chin in greeting.
    'Rob, I see Chucky is still here.'
    'We've really got to do something about this guy'
    'I googled it the other day, they have you've got to be able to hack into the HC bridge to get our IP addresses, from there we might be able to work something out.'
    'Rod, Mike, Chucky.'
    'Iain' said Mike nodding
    'Right, on with it then which of you two has got last months figures'
    'Here, I'll project them now'
    'Rod' Nodding.
    'Mike. Hey where's Chucky'
    'Iain' the two of them chimed in unison
    'Where's Chucky'
    'I sorted him out' admitted Rod
    'Ok then, let's get on with it'
    'Hey Rod'
    'Mike. Chuckie's name was Earl' as he nods in greeting.
    'Earl, seriously?'
    'Yeah turns out he was a writer or something, a bit of a hermit used an avatar to protect his identity.'
    'How do you know all this'
    'Well you know how he was simply not here last time'
    'I dialled in with one of my tech-head mates, he hacked the HC got an IP address and we went from there'
    'Iain' in unison, always the same thing, same routine.
    'Let's get going, I've got to get out of here, it's my anniversary today'
    'Thanks, Mike'
    'Mike' Nodding hello.
    'Rod. ok quick before Iain get's here, whats the rest of the story with Chucky, er uh I mean Earl'
    'Well from what we can tell he was not just a writer, he was Earl R Rumsford, bloke who wrote calamitous fool'
    'That guy was loaded.'
    'Yeah and dead, it turns out my ma...'
    'Ok let's get going, the quicker the better'
    'Where's Rob?'
    'Talking to the Police; so We'll reschedule'
    'oh.. ok'
    'Have a good weekend Mike'

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