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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Inspired by Kozycan

Shane Kozycan is a spoken word poet I quite like, with that in mind read the below poem out loud.  As per usual this is a 'One Draft' - Cheers

Silence. Alone time.
It's always scary.
So scary in fact people incessantly search for distractions.
No longer can people stand in a queue and simply wait.
They have to pull their phone from their pocket and swipe.
Swipe left, up down right, touch and double tap.

To be still would be to think.
To contemplate, their lives, the things that have happened.
Their last conversation.
To be silent, and think would be to explore themselves and the environment they are within.
Who they are.

We don't do that anymore.
Not many, only some.
We strive, not that it's hard for a constant distraction.
It's everywhere.
Moving pictures, flashing signs, conversations, phone calls. tweets and more.

It's incessant and endless and it's not good for us.
Slowing and stopping, and being in yourself can only be good.
We need to learn this for ourselves.
first for ourselves and then for others.

If you see someone sitting quietly.
Let them.
For they are trying to be with themselves.
to ponder who they are and what they are in the world.
They are looking for a wellbeing that many of us neglect.

I know.
Because I did this, and I even do it now.
I avoid myself through a continuity of activity and distraction.
and I know.
It's not good for me.

I need to pause.
To ponder who I am.
So I can be that person.
A person who is whole and confidant of myself.
So I can be whole and confidant for others.

That is what I will do now.
From this time forward.
I will not look for distractions.
I will look for who I am.
So I can be more for others.

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