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Story a Day 2019 - For the next 31 days, I will be endeavouring to write. It may be a whole story or simply a start for something bigger for the future.
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Thursday, 6 June 2019

A Random Note - Post May

There is this fellow Shane Kocyczan (vid below) who is a writer and 'Spoken Word' artist.  I like his style, so therefore I've attempted to emulate it a few times here on this blog.  The below video is one of my favourites, the actual 'Spoken word' starts at around 6:20 the whole 12 minutes is interesting.


Here are my attempts at poetry, some spoken word, others not.
oh and a filler poem, maybe a cheat as I worked my way through my first writing month of may 2017

Friday, 31 May 2019

Day 31 - Month of May summed up today

Today’s Prompt
About a Writer
I think I’ll do a list
31 days in May

Day 30 - Black Stigmata

It felt great, the smoothness, the shine; it was hard to decide what was most bewildering was it the weight or the blackness. 
For something the size and shape of a large goose egg, it felt feather lite, yet felt more substantial than anything around her. The shade of it was absorbing, unlike other blacks, some that reflect light this one did not; as shiny as it was, looking at it in the palm of her hand was like looking into bloodless, black stigmata.  It was mystical, it was so out of place. 
Here in the high country, the landscape was harsh and lush. Severe in that the eucalypts and scrub that had to grow in the rocky terrain. Scrub that constantly scratches you as you push through. Luxurious in that when you hit the open plains, the trees and shrubs give away to open expanses of native grass. 
Not anywhere in the three days of travelling had she seen or felt anything like this.  The Australian bush, like the insects and reptiles, was hard, rough and prickly. Always grabbing at your clothes, scratching and tearing your skin, the ground undulating trying to trip you, be it light sinewy sticks or hard rough granite trying to trip you to tear at your legs as you fall.
It was everything she could do to tear her eyes away from it, realising that the day was getting on she dropped it into her scroggin bag hanging from the waistband of her backpack. She knew she had another hour to walk to get to camp, best keep going, she could always look later.

Day 29 - Attention (read it out loud)

Attention, that’s what it is all about
every moment of the day it gets pulled about
each and every way distraction an illusive satisfaction
drawn astray we are never dismayed 
at how the news of today fades away
different every morning causing us to stray
never focus on the terror of the previous day
It’s as if we are in a self-induced coma
paralysed by overstimulation
stimulation that’s like defibrillation
rattling your brain and making you insane
What’s really odd though for some of us
as much as our attention wanes
we spend our days developing ways
To steal others attention away.
ways to nudge and coerce
to compete and disperse
to distract in every way
for attention is something to be commoditised 
to be stolen away every single day
Whole industries are geared to it, to draw us in
to nudge and ping to try to satiate everything
yet our attention is so stretched 
there is only stress our brains are buzzing
constantly scrubbing memories 
of events from day to day.
this loss of focus and attention demand
is resulting in the demise of the modern man
our attention is taken by these little devices
Devices that promise something more
yet make us so poor
they paint pictures of everything, 
utopia’s, dystopia’s and more
how strange it is to watch zombies eat brains
if we could see ourselves from the outside in
we’d see that attention aside
we are the zombies on the inside

Thursday, 30 May 2019

Day 28 - Back to school, continued

One Day left and I am three stories down.  Today's is a continuation of Day 12 
The next day Jelex was up bright and early, she wanted to give Mr Bumchin one more go.  See if she could lure him out with his favourite honey on toast and then negotiate with him to come to school and meet with the other Bumchin's.
After eating her breakfast, making her lunch and waiting for her dad to be distracted by work emails, Jelex asked 'Dad, can I go on my iPad'.