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An attempt to write something anything in one go and release, iterate and improve later if I take it further.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Day 12 - Under the Bed

‘There’s something under the bed!’
‘Seriously Sarah, go to sleep, there’s nothing under our bed’
‘No Derrick, there is, I am sure of it’
* * *
‘Aroogah, Aroogah’ Derrick hit snooze, and rolled over to cuddle Sarah, that’s why the alarm was set and had a snooze feature, so they got a few minutes of semi conscious cuddling before they dragged themselves out of bed.
Draping his arm over her, on the outside of the doona, he snuggled into her, kissing the nape of her neck. No reaction, he nuzzled into her again, nothing.
‘Sarah, Sarah’ shaking her, nothing.
* * *
‘Mr Carrigan, Derrick can you tell me what happened?’
‘I don’t know what happened? I was asleep, Sarah was next to me, everything was ok.’
‘Can you remember anything, did you hear anything? Was there anyone in the house?’
‘I’m not sure, I was tired, I remember her saying something’
‘What did she say? Can you remember’
‘Something under the bed’
‘What’s under bed?’
‘That’s what she said.’
* * *
Derrick collapsed exhausted; he lay still looking at the ceiling, thinking about the day. Their little girl Eliza lay next to him, breathing through her mouth.
‘Daddy, there’s something under the bed’
* * *

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