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An attempt to write something anything in one go and release, iterate and improve later if I take it further.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Day 19 - 'Escape' - Playing with dialogue, inner monologue and scene


‘What do you mean wait? I’ve been waiting for hours’

‘It won’t be much longer and they will be here’

‘Yeah, yeah. You’ve been saying that for hours. They’re not coming.’

‘No they are, I swear it.’ His brother would never leave her here not if he survived the ambush, and she was positive he had survived the ambush.

She looked at him, he looked keen to sell them out, to try and barter information for his freedom. She’d like to think their freedom, but undoubtedly he’d trade her away for his own good.

‘Look; if you wait for just a little longer, give him a bit of a chance I am sure we will make it worth your while.’

‘How, you two have nothing, nothing more than that map.’

‘Yes, but you know what that map leads to’

‘Bah! Nothing but fantasies, the folly of two lost children. My life is worth more than that and these buggers will let me go if I tell them the truth about you’

‘You can’t do that! If you do tell them, they will still kill you because you know too much’

He looked at her; she had a point, and he knew it. This girl and her bloody brother had been nothing but trouble to him ever since he agreed to show them the way up the mountain pass.

‘Bloody hell! Shut-up!’ He turned his back on her, turning towards the cavern door, towards the lone sentry standing there. ‘Go get your Boss.’

The sentry stepped away from the entrance, out of sight for just a moment to confer with one of his fellows, then he was back, he said nothing; He simply resumed his post.

Staring, not knowing if his request had been carried out or not, he could feel her approaching. He felt her place her hand in the middle of his back. ‘Please?’
‘Okay, Okay. I’ll stall them, I’ll distract them somehow. Mind though I can’t do it forever, your bloody brother better get here sooner than later’

They both looked at each other, silently weighing each other, pondering what next.

Their silence was broken, not by a noise or a calamity of sorts, just the slow and silent collapse of the man guarding them. Physically staggering into the cavern, away from some force outside, he turned to look at them, his eyes pleading, his mouth agape, and the hilt of a knife protruding from his neck. Falling to his knees grasping at the knife he collapsed forward onto his face.

She moved first, crossing the cavern in three steps, reaching down and pulling the knife from the guard's neck. ‘They’re here! Let’s go!’

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