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Thursday, 18 May 2017

Day 16 - GrinkleGuts

This one was a simply play on Jess who couldn't sleep, and I told her to hand her hands in the head. said I'd write a story tomorrow for her, today she had a tummy ache again, so we bought prune juice on the way home and so on.  She liked the story, she liked the story about her as the inspiration for the whole thing as well.


Samuel the sandman was a very important man.  So important he was the person who made the world go round.

Not really, he knew it was the moon; the stars, gravity and all that other guff that really made the world go round.

What he did really was worked as hard as hard could be to make sure every person on earth got a good night sleep.  Every person that is on his sleep beat.

Samuel had a problem though. As recently as last night he felt the international sign of dream distress from a little girl called jess.

Not many people know what this is, but lucky for jess her dad did. 'Lay on your back with your arms up and tickle the air' he said.

Now, this in truth wasn't Samuels problem as jess was not on his beat, the thing though is her house was just across the road.

Across the road on Gareth Grinkleguts run.

Gareth Grinklegut was also a sandman. A sandman all out of luck as he had a sore gut and it was his tummies ache that was the real problem.

'Hey, Gareth. Gareth!'

'Hey, Sam.'

'What's going on, why's the air getting tickled there' said Sam pointing at Jess's house.

'I've got a tummy ache and it's making me make Yucky dreams'

'Oh. That's happened to me before'

'What has?’

'A tummy ache Gareth; a tummy ache. Here have this' and Samuel gave Gareth a little glass bottle with black liquid in it.

'Yuk, what's THAT!'

'Drink it, I've got to go' Sam promptly turned and went back to work making sure people had good dreams.

Gareth Grinkleguts, stood still looking at the bottle. He shook it and looked at it again. He cracked the lid and double-checked, yes, still black and disgusting looking.

He lifted the lid and sniffed. 'Mmmmmmm' it smelt good. 'Well here goes' he said to no one in particular.

'Glug, glug, glug.' It was gone.

Gareth stood still for a moment. He waited, nothing, the street was silent, not a noise. Not a noise that was until his tummy grumbled'

Then he farted 'pfffffppppt' Now he had a problem and only a bush loo would do.

The business done, Gareth climbed from behind the bush he'd had to use. He stood straight and still to recover.

He was a little angry at Sam for what he had done, the drink and his need to run. But then just as he thought he was going to base after Samuel he realised his stomachache had gone.

He felt better, he felt great. No more tummy ache. Instead of chasing Samuel he turned to Jess's house. He knew what to do.

Jess's arms were lowered, still a little restless and awake, Gareth had just the dream to solve this.

Fairies prune party.

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