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An attempt to write something anything in one go and release, iterate and improve later if I take it further.

Monday, 8 May 2017

Day 8 - Playing with Dialogue

Friday Night – Coober Pedy Hotel

‘Hey Pretty boy, is that your wrangler out the front?’
‘You talking to me old man’
‘Yeah, you’re a pretty one aren’t you?’
‘What do you mean?’
‘Well look at ya, all smooth, shiny, bulging arms, big chest, smooth office hands. For all your prettiness you would not know a real days work, a lot like the shiny wrangler of yours.’
‘Listen here old man, I’ve belted guys for saying less’
‘Yeah of course you have that’s all you city roosters can do with all those muscles and testosterone, it’s not as if you do anything real for a living’
‘Watch it old man’
‘Ignore him Jim.’
‘Yeah Jim, ignore me, y’know fighting with city roosters is a lot different to taking on an old guy’
‘what do you want old man’
‘I want to see you try doing a real day’s work’
‘What do you mean?’
‘Jim, seriously, ignore him, haven’t you see wolf creek?’
‘It’s ok Sarah, his harmless’
‘I mean, why don’t you come and try to keep up with me for a day, let’s see if those pretty muscles of yours can do real work’
‘Seriously old man, keep up to you?’
‘Yeah seriously’
‘Come on Jim, please don’t do this’
‘Why it’s harmless, his obviously a regular here.  Hey bartender, who’s the old guy?’
‘Him? That’s ol’ Jack his fine, not harmless, but fine. HEY Jack! You want a beer?’
‘Nah, I’ve gotta go. So Jim, you up for it? You up for seeing if you can keep up to an old man?’
‘OK I’ll give it a try’
‘Right then, see you in the morning, we start early.’
‘Jim, seriously, you know nothing about this guy, you don’t even know what work is he is talking about’
‘Sarah, it’s fine. Jack, what’s the work?’
‘He’s gone Jim.’
‘Shit, how’s he know where to get me’
‘Mate, he’ll find you, you’re the only one in the shiny wrangler’

Saturday Afternoon

‘Hey you two, didn’t think I’d be seeing you so soon. Beer?’
‘Yes please’
‘So he didn’t kill you, hey Sarah’
‘Ha Ha’
‘So How’d you go?’
‘I was knackered by 12, the old bugger is incredible’
‘What do you mean?’
‘He was buggered, I watched, it was funny really’
‘Sarah, seriously can you give it up.’
‘No way Jim, no way, Jack is seriously more than twice your age and he kicked your butt’
‘Yeah yeah.’
‘What happened’
‘Well Jack picked us up, I had to go and see. It was great, he gave us a good old tour of his dugout, then we set some dynamite, he let us blow it, all sorts of stuff, it was like the best free tour experience we’ve ever had.’
‘Yeah it was, I’m buggered but it was’
‘You’re only buggered because you wouldn’t listen to him. Jack kept telling Jim to slow down, to pace himself, but old ego Jim here couldn’t do that, he had to do two barrow’s to every one Jack did.’
‘Yeah, yeah. Can we talk about something else please?’
‘Here you go Jim.’
‘What’s that?’
‘Old Jack dropped in here this afternoon, he left that for you’
‘What is that?’
‘Jack said it’s your cut, you helped find it’
‘Sarah, look at this, are you serious’
‘Yup, and by the looks of it uncut you’ve got about ten grands worth there’
‘That’s ‘ol Jack, told you he wasn’t harmless.’

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