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An attempt to write something anything in one go and release, iterate and improve later if I take it further.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Day 9 - Wonka Valley

‘Dad, Hurry up! You should see this’

‘Ok Jess, ok, ok. Come on Alex this sounds interesting’

‘Wow dad, look at the colors’

After hours of trudging through a stereotypical Nottingham forest type of forest, one of grand oak tree’s all dark-trunked with deep green leaves. Jess, Alex and their father had been out wandering the forest for hours, they’d found fairy hollow’s, trogglegork caves, evidence of Robin Hood hold-ups and battles with the sheriff of Nottingham, none of these things though had prepared them for lay before them now.

Falling before them was a pristine valley of bright, vibrant colors. Bright green fields of grass, separated only by a narrow walking trail, leading down to what you would think was a brown flowing river. It was evident it was not though, due to what appeared to be a mud waterfall all but dried and frozen in a state of flow.
‘What is this place?’ asked Alex as she ran her open hand over the green grass, tickling the palm of her hand.

There was color everywhere, running along the banks of the brown river was weeping willows, alders, rho dedendums of many hues, red, mauve, pink, white. All the colors were amazingly bright and unblemished. After hours of the shaded brown and green of a forrest, their eyes were dazzled by the brightness of everything around them.

‘I’m not sure budd, I’ve got an idea though’

‘What’s your idea dad’ asked Jess.

‘Well see down there at the base of the waterfall, don’t you think it’s odd that there are three or four pillars in the river, that look like they are part of the river?’


‘I see them dad, look there Jess, where my finger is pointing’

‘And see down there at the other end, is that a tunnel? Do you think that’s a tunnel?’

‘Where dad? What are you talking about’

‘Down there girls’

‘Oh! So dad where are we?’

‘Taste the grass.’

‘Daaaaad!’ ‘You’re gross dad.’

‘No really, I think we are in Wonka Valley’

‘Wonka valley?’

‘Just eat some grass.’

The two girls in unison plucked a strand of grass each, sniffing it and then tentatively put it to their lips. A moment later Jess grabbed another clump of grass cramming it into her mouth ‘Dad, this is great, it's like a mint slice’

‘aaah, so we are in Wonka Valley’

‘Wonka valley dad, what’s Wonka Valley’ asked Alex as she to pulled more grass to eat’

‘Well gorgeous, do remember the documentary “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?”’

‘Sure do!’

‘Well I think we are in the chocolate room, and that down there is the chocolate river he was so proud of, the only issue is I think it’s stopped flowing’

‘Oh, that’s sad dad. What do you think Happened to the Oompa-Loompa’s?’

‘I’m not sure Jess. Do you want to go find out?’

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