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Monday, 29 May 2017

Day 28 - Tuggle the Trufflebear

Sometimes you write and an idea simply does not grab you - I think there may be something here for Tuggle the Trufflebear and his friend Jelex, just not today.  I'll keep plugging on a story-a-day.

Tuggle sat on the post, he’d been waiting since the day before when Jelex had farewelled him on her way home. That is he had sat still on the post all afternoon, into the evening, through the night, the cold of the morning, and now as the midday sun was warming him up. He was waiting; waiting for his new friend Jelex.

While he was sitting there, he’d watched Nelly the nurse pass by his post on her way home from the hospital. The Paddy the Paper Man drive by hurling his tightly wrapped papers into the front yards of the houses around him. Dogs, cats and possums in the night wandered by. Just this morning some kids ran past laughing and kicking a soccer ball between them. None of these people saw him.

They all walked so close to him that he almost fell off his post once or twice, yet they did not even notice him or even hear him growl at them as he almost fell. Why hadn’t they seen him? Well, Tuggle was a TruffleBear, and TruffleBears were part of nature, a part of nature that humans could not see and did not know existed.

That is humans with the exception of Jelex, for some reason Jelex could see him. She could speak with him, play with him, and that is why she was his new best friend. She was new and different, an adventurous human who could see all the wonders. A human that wanted to explore and learn everything she could about the Truffle Forest.

As a truffle bear he looked like a common Teddy bear, not dissimilar to the teddies Jelex had at home, the only difference was a truffle bear he wasn’t so fuzzy as he lived at the roots of trees amongst the truffles. He was rough to touch, short spiky hair all over, he actually felt like a tennis ball more than a teddy bear.

Jelex didn’t care though, she loved the Tuggle was her friend that no one could see and that they would spend hours exploring the truffle forest, playing with the Mandarin Monkeys, the banana bats, cinnamon cats, Licorice lizards and more, she loved them all, and especially Tuggle as he guided her through his world.

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