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An attempt to write something anything in one go and release, iterate and improve later if I take it further.

Monday, 22 May 2017

Day 20 - Kranidrik

Kranidrik looked down into the valley below him, he could see the campsites, several tents fires smouldering away, thin wisps of smoke rising from the ashes. He’d watched the campers throughout the day and into the evening, and now as the morning sun was rising above the cliffs and the shadowed was receding across the campground he sulked. He so wished he could go play with the children he saw yesterday. To run with them, play tag, hide and seek; all of those things he had heard and observed, he so wished he could, only he couldn’t he was a creature of dreams and shadows; a creature children shied away from if they ever saw him. Kranidrik sat still and watched, he loved to watch. He would stay in the shadows; he would remain a creature of dreams hoping to his core that one day he could play.

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