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Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Day 14 - Dice Days continued - A Party Forms

This story is preceded by these three previous rolls

    Jelex woke to the sounds of the forest, birds singing in the trees. Crickets chirping in the warmth of the morning sun, flies and other small insects flying sparkling like floating diamonds in the sunrays breaking through the canopy of the forest.

    Shifting slightly Jelex felt the warm compressed body of Nutmeg sleeping at her side.  The bed of fern leaves she lay on was very comfortable and warm. Surprising herself Jelex did not wake anxious or worried, for some reason she knew she was safe. Laying still for a few moments gathering herself, revelling in how rested she felt after the first full nights sleep she had in weeks.
    'Hello, Jelex. Jelex, hello.' Issale the woodelf appeared infront of her. 'Your guests have arrived, it is time to rise and meet them.'
    'Guests?' Jelex asked of Issale, as though she had known the wood elf for ages and not just a few days she had spent on the forest floor with the council of seven.  At first, they had seemed foreign to her, even after the completion of their dinner on the first night.  Since then though and under the Bull Frog's instruction Jelex had spent days learning from each member of the council, all the while being told to wait for her guests.
    'Yes, Jelex. As we have told you, you can not venture forth into the parthenon until you have formed your party. These are the guests we are waiting for, and the first of them awaits you now.' Issale put her hand out to help Jelex rise. Nutmeg having already woken and pokey nosing her master.
    Standing Jelex shoved her two Tonfa into her waist belt, slung he quiver over her shoulders, and grasping her hickory Shortbow she followed the wood elf out into the opening in front of the cottage.
    There standing talking to the Bull Frog and the Hill Dwarf stood Andrut the Ale Mage and his apprentice Johter. Excited to see a friendly face Jelex ran forward and embraced her old friend the Ale mage. 'What are you doing here? How did they know to expect you, they've been telling me for days to expect a guest. I never thought it would be you.'
    'Whoa young lassie, slow down a bit, it's great to see y' all, but I do not know what you are talking about.  Johter and I are on a quest.  You see Anna-Abbey was abducted by the minotaur, so we are on our way to rescue her.'
    'Heh, herm!' interrupted the Bull Frog. 'Andrut my dear friend, it is great to see you, and even better that your quest aligns so tightly to the quest that we have asked Jelex to undertake and have been preparing her for in the past days. I must ask though will you, can you join forces with Jelex for the good of us all?'
    'First I would like to understand the quest you are asking of Jelex to see how it aligns to my own quest for Anna-Abbey.' said Andrut, standing that little taller shoulders back and adopting the formal speech that the Bullfrog had expressed.
    'Good then my friend, may I suggest we do it over our evening meal with Jelex and the Council of Seven. First, though, would you like to rest and refresh before we sit to dinner?' The Bullfrog paused momentarily to take a breath and consider his next words. 'Dare I be presumptuous my friend and ask, could we partake in one of your fine ales with our meal.'
    'Ooh old Bully, of course, we can, it's not presumptuous of you at all. Even better though my apprentice here will grace us with his first true ale, an ale I've been dying to try since the night Kaynig the mother of Anna-Abbey interrupted our first sip so many days ago.' Andrut punctuated this pronouncement by placing his hand on the shoulder of his apprentice Johter. Who, for all the stoic silence he had been showing throughout the introductions suddenly looked pale as an amber ale as the blood drained from his face.
    'Lord Andrut. This way if you will, we've prepared apartments for you in the cottage.' It was Hellaw, the hill dwarf who stepped forward and gestured a pathway towards the cottage.
    'Jelex, so good to see you, I will go freshen up and see you at dinner. Come Johter, you've work to do.' and with that, the Ale Mage and his apprentice stepped off past the crowd and headed towards the cottage.
    'Well Met Jelex.' said the Bullfrog. 'I see you're starting to become attached to your bow and arrows, this is good to see. Why don't you and Issale go practice some more before this evening's meal.' and with that, the Bull Frog turned and walked off towards the cottage.
    Jelex stood and watched as everyone headed into the cottage. 'Come on Issale, let's go practice.' turning she walked back into the forest, slapping her thigh once for Nutmeg to follow.
    Issale stood at the head of the clearing facing back towards the cabin 'Today Jelex I want us to practice turn n' shoot.'
    'Turn n' shoot?'
    'Yes. It is convenient to be able to draw, load, turn and shoot as fast as possible and hit a target approaching from behind.'
    'Like those ones?' Jelex stepped to the left drew her bow and pointed 'Stop where you are Dwarf.'
    Fluidly Issale spun drawing her bow and levelling it at the tall human that stepped out of the forest behind the Dwarf 'You too human.'
    The four of them, Jelex, Issale, the Dwarf and human all stood still sizing each other up.  It was clear that the human was a soldier, he wore the livery of the twin princes, and the primary weapons common to the house guard, a broadsword that they all trained in daily as well as a long dagger at his hip and around shield slung over his shoulder.
    The Dwarf, on the other hand, was no spring chicken, he looked to be a middle age Dwarf around 180 human years old, dressed in an old hard leather currias, bracers, boots and matching soft leather pants. Wielding a single pick-axe.
    Between the two of them, they looked like they had been in a lot of trouble, and could cause a lot more.
    'What do you want?' asked Issale calmly, conscious that Jelex's arms were starting to shake slightly under the strain of holding her bow drawn.
    'We're looking for the Ale Mage, prince Criluk has sent us to ask his aide.' Replied the soldier.
     Easing her pull and lowering her bow Jelex asked 'Why?'
    'Prince Lukchr touched a trident and vanished, we need to find the mage as Samgle the sergeant at arms told us he is who would know what to do.'
    'Be quiet River's, we do not know who these people are.'
    'And who may you be little dwarf?' Issale enquired, 'To be telling this soldier here to be quiet.'
    'I am Garjoh the lords Gardner. Now have you seen the Ale Mage, do let us know as I do not want to waste your or our time.'
    'You are an impatient old Dwarf, to help though, yes we do know where Andrut the Ale Mage is.'

The last roll

The above roll will try to draw all of the below stories (Dice Days)

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