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An attempt to write something anything in one go and release, iterate and improve later if I take it further.

Friday, 31 May 2019

Day 31 - Month of May summed up today

Today’s Prompt
About a Writer
I think I’ll do a list
31 days in May

Success is a story a day
Counting this one
I’m at 31
27,306 words or thereabouts
That’s ~910 per day
64 A4 pages at Arial 12 font
Based on 750 words in 40 minutes
At least 25 and half hours of writing
Not counting editing
There are now 122 items to read on this blog
The top 3 mistakes last week
Comma splice - 35 times
Missing Article - 28 times
2 Writing courses
One on Speculative fiction
The second Grammar (funnily enough)
3 poetry (attempts, including spoken word)
7 Speculative Fiction
8 Contemporary (borderline speculative)
3(2) Political Observations
2 (3) childrens
2 Suspense
7 Fantasy
Doesn’t add up as I double counted
Characters in order of appearance
Jake, Arthur, Mickey
Bobmadik, Taesha, Aelen
Mick, John
Garjoh, Stegle, Samgle Princes Lukchr and Criluk; Rivers the guard
July, Toby, Mick (diff) Adam
Jelex, Nutmeg, Andrut the Ale Mage, Mr Bumchin, Dawn
Hector, Zerena
Julie (diff), Ryan
Issale, Bullfrog, Johter
Malachai, Adam (diff)
Durog, Wolf & Feather Falconbred
Stickman Sam
Dinga Bell
Rebecca, Wendy
Lord hightower & Evelyn
43 Individuals
Jelex, Bobmadik appear the most (I think)
23 Pictures (some repeats)
1 Novel to finish - Dwarvelf
1 Novel to think of starting - Babelism
Best tip: Write the scraps
Best thing about story-a-day
The challenge of creativity

One extremely patient and loving wife

That’s my May

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