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Friday, 17 May 2019

Day 17 - What did you tell the world today

What I did.
Who I told (deliberately or not)
Alarm went off - of course my iPhone is my alarm.
Phone went active, told Telstra & Apple
Fanatic story a dayer - logged onto to see hits to site & comments at
Google, Story a Day site, apple
bugger, no bread in the house, jumped in the car to go to the shops.
told apple & google & Toyota (I drive a Prado)
Got to the shopping center, blow me down if the boom gate doesn't read my number plate DVP-###
Told the shopping center
Parked the car
Told Google, apple & the phone assured me it knew where my phone was
Bought bread, milk, raisin toast, bananas and mandarins
Told Woollies (supermarket) and my bank.
Jumped in the car
Google knows, so does apple.
exited the car park
god bless the boom gate, knows when I left.
Coffee & Toast with my wife, scanning the news
apple, google, and o' of course my wife
Spotted an add for Vivid at Taronga (thought I'd take the fam)
So I told, Paypal, Moshtix, bank and Taronga, the fact I have a family of four, their names and the age of my children, my postcode and other stuff.
Recorded Vivid at the zoo in the calendar
Told Apple, and god knows who else, my car, my phone, my wife and more - they all know I am going on a Friday soon.
Jumped in the car to go to work
Told Toyota, google and iPhone as well as kissing my wife good bye for the day (she stayed home sick - who knows who she is telling.)
Boom gate - swipe 'Work' Card
Time in on the carpark boom gate.
Log-in to work
Tell Microsoft, work Identify Management, google, apple (i.e. ipad/iphone log into the network)
Work calendar shares across all technologies
everything knows where I am meant to be.  Family calendar is shared with apple & google as well so we are safe that they know whats going on.
Message wife (who is home sick)
get a response. Telstra and apple know where we all are.
Daughter messages me to let me know she is at school.
Apple, Telstra Google and who knows who else.
Team goes to get a coffee - I pay with my card
just told the bank that I bought four coffee's, who are the four, I am sure they will work it out.
VC's all day - EA buys lunch on my card
apple, bank and otherwise know what I had for lunch.
On a the browser whilst tin a heap of meetings.
eating and doing work, google, apple, Microsoft, and the unfortunates listening to me eat of an off mute 
End of the day - Log off
everyone knows……
go to the shops to buy some stuff for dinner - I'm cooking
go in the car park, rego is read again, so they know, buy some stuff and they know to.
get home, listen to a podcast as I cook
apple knows what I am listening to, everything from american politics, story writing, behind the bastards, it could happen hear and anything else
I'm in the kitchen, the house
google, iPhone, Telstra all know where I am e.g. my iPhone is now set to iPhone calls which Telstra knows about and knows where I am.
Friday night, dinner and a movie with the family
who knows, Netflix, Telstra, apple and god knows who else.
We're all in bed, going to sleep, everything stops, not more internet traffic
the world knows we are asleep..
What have you told the world today?
I've only scratched the surface, I undoubtedly told the technology so much more with the emails, instant messages, Short messages and more.

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  1. Brilliant! And depressing. Yet somehow comforting. Less like Big Brother (at the moment) and more like living in a small town with your mother.