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Sunday, 26 May 2019

Day 24 - Soapbox aspirations

'Nice Hotdog, Mick?' Said John muffling through the last of his hotdog.
'That's nothing compared to what I am about to show you.'
'No seriously, best hotdog ever. I say that every time I come here.'
'Ok, let's get going.' Mick had a level of concern for what he was about to do. He figured it would be entertaining, he was simply unsure if John was in the right frame of mind.
Heading northwest along Cowper bay drive, the Finger wharf on the right, Woolloomooloo Bay hotel across the road on the left. After having spent several hours in the woolly bay hotel having a drink or two, it would be interesting to see what John gets onto.  He had not gone into any of his traditional rants; Trump and America had not even be mentioned. 
'So where are you taking me?' John asked as they were making there way up the stairs from the bay onto the domain.
'You ever heard of the speaker's corner?'
'A little, not a lot.'
'Well see that over there under the Moreton Bay fig tree, the pedestal thing. Well, that is a monument of a sort to the soapbox orators, it's there because this is what is known as speakers corner.'
'You don't say.' John's pace lifted, Mick relieved that maybe, just maybe he'd piqued his interest.  It had been a while since the two had caught-up, and his mate of old seemed to have gone into himself just a little too much.
Mick continued 'Yep apparently started around 1878, not sure if it is still going, it may be but what used to happen was the sprinklers would come out were and went on about a few different things. You'd have some religious types offset by some atheists, then there were the communists, liberalists that sort.'
John was upon the podium now, if that is what you could call it. Actually, on thought, it was more like a pulpit. Not so much a bully pulpit, but a pauper's pulpit.
'This is great, get a load of this, the plaque here says that due to the Sunday closure laws, this area was quite busy with people as the gallery and gardens where open when the pubs where not.'
Mick had nailed it, now just to sit back and see what he rabbitted on about today. He pulled his small three-legged hiking seat out of his bag and moved over beneath the Moreton bay tree.  Pulled out a couple of plastic cups, poured some red wine into them, and passed one to John, still on the pulpit before he sat down. 'Why don't you give it a go.'
John stood, therefore, a moment or two and glanced about.  It was a pleasant enough day for late may, actually unusually warm. People were wandering across to domain to and from the art gallery, there was only Mick under the cool of the tree with him.
He looked towards his friend, it was nice to be out, a few casual beers. And now this.  Why not, maybe he'd enjoy.
'See here good sir, may your afternoon entertainment begin if you dare offer me your ear for a few minutes.'
Mick lifted his glass before leaning forward and resting his elbow's on his knees.  This will be interesting.
'See here good sir, let's talk about some current affairs.  What the hell is going on in America, how in gods name do they get themselves into this predicament. They've got a president that is striving to form a dictatorship, to dismantle his countries own democracy.
Aided by an attorney general who is a monarchist who does not believe in the three tensions of the American government: The Presidency, Congress and the judicial system.
Then, of course, there are the media, God help me the media.  Trump! Trump can call Pelosi the speaker of the house, second in succession to the presidency if God helps us something happened to him as sick. He can retweet doctored videos to make her look sick.
Yet when Pelosi herself says he, the presidency needs his friends, family and or cabinet to intervene for his own safety and the safety of the country, the media get all uppity that she is not respecting the office of the president. 
It's insane, it's as if to call someone out for bad behaviour is seen to be biased where the lousy act itself is not called out by the media for fear of being called lefties, socialists, or enemies of the people.'
He was on off and running. Mick watched as John paused to take a sip of his wine, and to look at the small crowd of people standing about under the shade in groups of two or three, one or two individuals standing alone.
An old fella, in his early sixties, yelled out 'That's their job you daft bugger.'
'Their job, what's their job? To try and play bloody arbiter.  Their job, my good friend, and I do thank you for asking is to report fairly and squarely on it all.  Some say they are the fourth state, that is fourth to the president, Congress and the judiciary.  Not to be a judge, but to me more like a commentator.
You don't see the commentators at footy games calling the shots, do you?  They try to call out what is going on to report on it, to discuss creating an open discourse. No good sir they are not the judges.
Nor are they the enemy of the state as the president would have you believe. They're a bit confused is all.
Ok, so let me get back to their president and the Republican Party. Everyone likes to make our he is dumb, look at his tweets they say, he can't spell, his grammar is crap, it doesn't make sense, and he lies. His dumb they say.
Yet this dumb ass continued to chip away and disparage their democracy every single day, and he is getting away with it. Why?
Because as much as the Democrats can't work out how to play his game, how to shut him up.  Look at 'em, there are now 24 democratic candidates for president to the Republicans two, one of them being the president.  This, my friends seem to be the fundamental difference between the republicans and the democrats.'
The crowd now was around a dozen people, two or three had sat down on the ground to listen and chat amongst themselves. John was near empty on the wine, so Mick stood up, filled his glass and swapped with his mate before sitting down again.
The same old guy who called out before had sat on the casing of a nearby flood light, obviously use to light up the Moreton bay tree in all of its majesty. 'Why the hell are you rabbitting on about America mate, we're Australians.'
'Well my good friend, again, you have a good question, if you indulge me a little longer, I believe I may get there.  So you've all these Democrats, then you've got a Congress that doesn't know whether to impeach their president or not; meanwhile every day he gets more and bolder.
Last week he declared that his attorney general has the right to get any intelligence he wants from any of the agencies and declassify it. He has also told this same fellow to start to investigate Joe Biden, and no doubt others democratic nominees with the intent of defaming his political opposition.
His Republican Party buddies in Congress are not doing anything about it, they are bowing to his desires. It is incredible.
Now there is real evidence out there that says Trump has committed crimes, He has even been mentioned in the criminal case that got his own personal lawyer sent to jail.
Then there is the Russia stuff. It's because of the Russians.'
Two police officers had joined the crowd now, both quite relaxed just walking the beat, not overly worried about what was going on. John greeted them with a nod.

Going to finish there. I am playing catch-up on a story a day.  This. Was going to be an attempt at one of 'Micks Rants' in line with the writing prompt 'Write A Story Featuring an Assembly or Crowd Scene'.

I also wanted work with the idea of the writer's corner -

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