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An attempt to write something anything in one go and release, iterate and improve later if I take it further.

Sunday, 5 May 2019

Day 5 - Permission

‘Where’s your dad.’
‘Stop worrying about him; let’s just hang.’
‘but you told me I need to ask him permission to date you.’
Julie blushed. Did Toby just really say they were dating.
‘Wait, how can you say that, you’ve not asked me?’
‘Of course, I haven’t, I have to ask your dad first.’
‘Let’s go find him then.’ Grabbing Toby’s hand, she dragged him into the crowd. She knew her father would be around town fete somewhere.  Jacinta would be dancing soon, maybe he was sitting at the front of the stage like normal.

Suddenly Toby pulled them both to a stop.
‘What’s wrong?  Why’d you stop?’
‘There he is.’
He was gone, Toby, that is.  She’d seen her father for a brief moment, talking to another adult, only to notice Toby had scampered. He’d be going back to the town library, where she had found him hanging with his friends earlier.
Pushing through the crowd in front of all the food stores, her stomach grumbling, she was meant to have gone and gotten some money but then she ran into the boys, and Toby was there so any other ideas she had had simply disappeared.
She got to the library, Mick and Adam were still there. ‘Hey, have you seen Toby?’
‘He went with you didn’t he, you know he’s got the hots for you don’t ya.’
Mick was such a pain.  ‘So he’s not here?’
‘Nah.’ mumbled Adam barely acknowledging her.
Julie ran on, she knew Toby had come this way, so she continued on past the library and up the lane to the back entrance of the shopping centre.  Surely he would not have cut through the shopping centre as that would take him right back to her father.
It was Isha, ‘Hey have you seen Toby?’
‘Nah, want to come around to the henna stand, dad said he’d let me get henna done on my hand, he gave me $10 for it.’
‘Yeah sure.’ Isha grabbed her hand, and they walked out the lane and back into the crowd at the activity stands at the front of the shopping mall.  Julie’s head pivoting searching, looking for Toby. She hoped he’d not been scared off by her and her father.
Time passed, Isha got a henna tattoo, as she was doing this her father turned up and shouted Julie one too, it was terribly generous of him.  It was something about swings and roundabout’s or something her father, and he spoke about.
After this Julie and Isha found Julie’s father and got some money for some food and had sat down to eat a cheese and spinach gozleme and a fizzy drink. Then she saw him; It looked like he was looking for someone.
He spotted her and ran over.  ‘I asked him.’
‘You what?’
‘I asked him, I asked him if we could go out.’
‘You what?’
‘You not hearing me or something.’
‘What did he say?’

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