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Sunday, 20 May 2018

Day 17 - Couch Potato

Story a day challenge 'One Sided Dialogue'

‘Hey Kobber.’
‘Yeah you, sitting on the leather recliner.’
‘Yes you you dope. Mid to late forties guy, shorts, crooked glasses.’
‘Yeah yeah. Exciting hey.  Don’t flip out on me. All I want you to do is help me out a bit.’
‘Your missus has already watched this episode hasn’t she?’
‘Cool, did she tell you anything about it?’
‘No, what do you mean no?’
‘Oh, that’s why you’re sitting there like a Scott.’
‘Scott no friends!’
‘Ok, ok. I’ll get going again, can you tell me which season and which episode I am in now, it might give me an idea if I am going to get killed off?’
‘What? What do you mean that’s irrelevant?’
‘Oh, you’ve read the books and this guy kills characters off like he changes underwear does he.’
‘Ok so if you’ve read the books what happens next.’
‘Dragons! Yeah sure, there’s been no dragons around here for centuries.’
‘So what’s going to happen to me?’
‘What? I get bumped off in this season! I don’t want any part of that, I am out of here.’
‘Yes I bloody well can, you watch me.  I’m going that way and nothing will stop me.
‘No I won’t ruin the story, might for you, but your missus has already passed this scene so the other me is in the future already, probably dead, as for me, like I said I am out of here.’
‘What do you mean if I go back that way I’ll run into trouble.’
‘Seriously, the Lannisters turned up. Shit I’m not going that way then.’
‘I am out of here, thanks for the warning.’

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