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An attempt to write something anything in one go and release, iterate and improve later if I take it further.

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Day 29 - Thumb Print

   'Hurry up, Just cut his thumb off.'
   Mort had thought about this. He knew this muppet had a bucket load of bitcoin on his phone, and that of course was protected by his fingerprint.  The couldn't simply ask him for his pin number as they'd slipped him a mickey at the restaurant.
   'Mate, we want him to simply think he's lost his phone, not racing around to hospitals, getting cops all hot under the collar about a missing thumb.'
   'So what are you going to do, He's going to come around soon.'
   'Look Jake, be cool, take the phone go wait in the car, if you seen anyone coming in honk twice, I'll get myself out of here if I need to and meet up with you later.'
   'Right punk, I'll give you five minutes and honk as I leave if you don't hurry up.'
    Thank god that righteous git was out of the room, now to get himself the upper hand here.  reaching into his pocket he pulled out a lighter, a glue stick, small square of foil.  Working as quick and quietly as possible he heated the stick, putting a dollop on the foil then pushing the muppets finger into it capture the fingerprint indentations.
    Mort knew he only had to do the left hand, he'd watched the fellow at the restaurant, flicking through his phone, scanning emails or something, all with his left hand.  This guy was like a gift from heaven, bloody expensive suit, briefcase tie.  Seemed to be in a rush, obviously some sort of power dude on a business trip.
    Jake to his credit had been on the register when he made the payment, not only did he manage recognise it as a bitcoin transaction he got a glance at the balance as it flashed up on the dudes screen.  He'd let Mort know straight away who discretely followed him back down the street and into the hotel he was staying in. 
   Watched him check in to his room, tailed him to the third floor and then waited to see where he went next.  That is when he hit the jackpot, the fellow came back out of his room in very short order having only lost his tie before he headed down to the hotel bar for a beer. That is when Mort and Jake struck.
   Once he had taken an two indents of the left thumb, index and middle fingers he  blew on the glue spots on the foil to make sure his handwork was dry, then slipped it into an envelope he'd bought with him.  He was a genius, he'd finish it all off later, within an hour all the muppets coin would be theirs.


This is a good seed for a future short story - I think I will circle back on this one.

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