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Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Day 26 - Thug, Lifter and Twitcher (Again)

I have previously written about these characters, this is a continuation of their story, so if you'd like to read that first - go here.  Else for the purposes of 'Story a Day' this one should stand alone fairly well.

    'For a halfling, this guy is bloody heavy.' thug moaned as he adjusted the weight of Lifter for the tenth time.  It had been five days since Lifter had copped it in the eye, and his two ever loyal friends had patched him up to return to Decans Village to get him fixed.
   'Nearly there Thug, we'll get him seen to, patch him up and then head back.'
    'Should be some challenge in that Twitch, we've got no money. We spent it on supplies for the hair-brained quest that's now cost Lifty his eye.'
    Lifter knew he was in for it, at least it was only half as bad as usual.  With Lifter being unconscious for the last couple of days it had only been Thug pointing out the problems with the situation they now found themselves in.
    He was confident he had been right. He'd done all his research and it all told him there was still treasure to be had in the Ruby tower. He would have to wait now before he could prove himself right.
    He didn't mind though, Lifter and Thug had been with him for a long time.  They'd always managed to muddle their way through life one way or another. On quests, he researched and planned, or through 'tasks' as lifter called them, and finally through good old gambling on Thug in bare-knuckle fighting.
    Their situation now though was very serious. Yeah sure there had been injuries before, Thug had broken his nose, there'd been cuts and grazes, burns singed hair, broken bones all of those things.  
    This time though, an eye, oh god to lose an eye, especially for a master thief like Lifter, he needed that second eye to help him judge distances, throw knives all sorts of stuff.
    Twitch kept all of these thoughts to himself as he looked across at Thug.  He was going to have to go to one of the guilds. They had all paid their dues over the years for this exact sort of situation.  The only challenge was which guild.
    The Mages guild was run by a right pompous git. One of those bloody academic magicians who locked themselves away behind the guild walls profiteering off the membership. He'd bloody wet himself if he ever went question. He knew that git would not be any help.
    Of course, there was the thieves guild now if he could only find them that would be great. Bloody secretive bunch remained out of site all the bloody time, yeah Lifter would know what to look for he'd never shared the knowledge though.  They didn't even have any gold or treasure to try and lure one of the little bugger pick-pockets into a trap.
    So it would have to be the adventurers guild. Probably the least equipped of the three for what they needed, but the most accommodating, less prejudicial of them all.  He'd have to hope that they would run into one of their more fortunate friends or someone who owed them.
    'Thug, we've got to go to the pub.'
    'Twitch you know that's not any sort of place to take Lifty, it's a bloody social club, not a real guild like the thieves or the mages guilds.'
    'I know, it's all I can think of though.'
    'How about the clerics?'
    'Mate you know we don't have any coin, how do you think we're going to pay for the healing.'
    'It's the only way we will save his eye. Look I'll sell my one of my weapons, all of them if I have to.'
    'OK you're right, we'll take him over to the chapel and see what we can do.'
    They continued on past the adventurers guild, up the slight rise towards the little building that was the chapel in the town.  As they approached the small one-room building with its whitewashed walls and thatched roof Lifter was able to observe there was more than one cleric in town.
   There were three clerics in town, now this played into their favor. As he could see all three clerics were from three very distinctly different dispositions. These three characters in their own perverse way are continuously looking for converts to their respective gods.  He'd have a bidding war on his hands.
    First, there was the alabaster fellow, they'd dealt with these guys before.  Your run of the mill cleric who made a quid by travelling from town to town.  A Journeyman cleric who if they were lucky could do some mine healing, he was not sure if he could do an eye.
   Then there was the Drow priestess, one of the Spider Queen Lloth's minions.  She didn't look so bad, being a fighting cleric she was dressed in a shaped hard leather breastplate, thick leather skirt, pleated to allow movement, and a weighted mace on her hip.
    As much as the Drow priestess looked as though she could handle herself he was somewhat reserved on how she would go about healing his friend and the cost she may place upon the task.
    Finally, there was a jolly monk a worshipper of Heironeous the god of valor.  These characters could more often than not be a bit hit and miss when it comes to healing, yeah sure they could nurse someone to health, but unless they are actively engaged with there god, useless when it comes to healing a wound like the one Lifter now had.
   'Oi, which of you three can help my friend here?'
    Thug the ever consistent charmer had started off well.
    'My learned friends, please excuse my companions abruptness, he is anxious about his friend's eye.'
    'I can help.' It was the alabaster who had spoken, they drow priestess turned back to her praying and the monk simply stood quietly as monks do, dark wise eyes taking in the scene.
   'Have you done this sort of thing before, you know healed eyes?'
    'Yes my dear wizard, now give me a look and I will see what I can do.'
    'Is there a cost?'
    'Let me fix him first, then if he is healed to your satisfaction we can discuss the price.'

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