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An attempt to write something anything in one go and release, iterate and improve later if I take it further.

Monday, 7 May 2018

Day 6 - Helmsman

A crack at a 100 words or less story.

‘Helm, Bridge.’

‘Helm Sir.’

‘Able Seaman Prentis, your heading?’

‘Two Two Seven Sir.’

‘You are meant to be on course One Nine Zero Able’

‘Yes Sir.’

‘What are you doing on Two Two Seven able’

‘Coming back from Two Four Zero Sir.’


‘Helm, Bridge.’

‘Helm Sir.’

‘Thirty degrees port wheel’

‘Aye, Thirty degrees port wheel’

‘Thirty Degrees Port wheel on’

‘Roger Thirty Degrees Port Wheel, steer One Eight five’

‘Roger Steer One Eight Five’

‘On course One Eight Five.’

‘Roger One Eight five.’

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