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Monday, 21 May 2018

Day 19 - On Beyond Meetings

Inspired by Dr Seuss ‘On beyond Zebra’

Said Mertle Moran Maloney Modal,
My Project Manager learning to tell.
‘Agenda’s are to be sequenced, and actions are to close.’
‘Minutes minute the moment, and often misspelled.’
‘Objections are to be handled and exceptions dispelled.’
‘I know all about meetings, there’s nothing to tell.’
‘So I know everything we know of how meetings go.’

Then he almost fainted and staggered a step.
When I picked up a card and said; ‘Oh no, there’s a lot more yet.’
‘Things that you never dreamt of before!’
‘Of course you could stop if you wanted no more.’
‘Most people do stop, only to meet infinitely more.’
‘Not I though as meetings are a bore!’

‘For where I go there’s teamwork and more.’
‘There’s fun to be had and outcomes galore.’
‘We look at our Kanbans, tell stories and more.’
‘Actions are what we are about and a lot, lot more.’
‘It’s amazing in truth, what can be done.’
‘When you are tempted not to meet anyone.’

‘So beyond meetings there are stand ups to be had.’
‘Where you and friends stand around and con flab.’
‘con flabbing is the art of now next and no more.’
‘Dealing with those blockers through the scrum master and more.’

‘For being agile is what we are about.’

‘Delivering outcomes instead of sitting about.’

‘Iterate and sprint, versus sitting to think.’

‘Action over procrastination is at our core’

‘Let meetings that bore, be no more.’

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