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An attempt to write something anything in one go and release, iterate and improve later if I take it further.

Thursday, 31 May 2018

Day 30 - Dawn's Perspective

    There was something there, she could tell, she could feel the air shift. Not a big shift, not a draft or anything like that.  Having laid still, watching her treasure reflect the glow of the torches that where scattered, floating around the room; digesting the cow that had been dinner two months earlier.  In that whole time the air had not shifted.
    It was everything she could do to sit and wait, having noticed the air movement Dawn had slowed her heartbeat and breathing even more.  If you were going to take two months to digest a cow you had to be skilled at regulating your body and the energy it consumed.  Now her breathing slowed down to less than one breath a minute, trying to reduce any noise her body would produce to try and hear better.
   Then she heard it.
    ‘It’s a dragon you dope. Go have a look.’
    ‘What? Why me?’
    ‘Your the burglar.’
    It was great, the voices where humanoids of some sort, not like the ones she had spent half a century getting rid of, out of her catacombs; kobolds, Orissa and other such foul smelling bitter tasting creatures.  These ones were smart, they'd realised that they had come across a Dragon's lair.  At least one of them had experienced dragons before; this made her very curious.
   She dare not move, luckily two months ago knowing that she was about to hibernate to digest she had wiggled her way into her gold, so deep that the treasure had covered the length and breadth of her body with the exception of her eyes, nostrils and head frill being the only things visible above the treasure.
   The air was moving again, one of the humanoids was coming down the tunnel, cautiously, slowly.  She waited, not moving, breathing so slow, heart near stopped excitement and anticipation coursing through her body.  It was so exciting to finally have a visitor coming to her, and one that seemed intelligent, much more intelligent than her previous companions.
   Whoever it was it was cautious, blinking slowly she opened her eyes to see a small humans swing into her cavern.  Even though the cavern was exceptionally well lit by all of her floating flames the half human was hard to spot, it’s skills at hiding in the shadows were tremendous.  She could see it scanning, looking everywhere.  Oddly there was not stench of fear, there barely discernible smell, this creature was so good at what it was doing it not only blended into the shadows, it’s smell melded with her treasure.
   This half human was so good it was almost tempting to let it take some of her gold; it wouldn’t be able to carry that much.  She wanted something so much more than the gold; that could come and go, it always had.  She’d gather it, someone or something would steal it, more would come; some would some succeed some wouldn’t.  What Dawn wanted was some conversation, it had been so long since she’d had some conversation.
    The human had stopped now, it was squatting in the shadows, she could not make out what it was doing so she imagined it scanning the her domain.  How was she going to reveal herself, would she simply rise out of the treasure.  She’d done that in the past hoping for a conversation only to cause her guest to faint.  No this time she would try something different.
   Taking a deep breath, inhaling as much air as she could, exhaling whispering the cantrip.  A sense of glee swelled up in her as the little humanoid floated into the air, it made no noise, it was obviously to calm and collected for that, as if it had experienced.
   ‘Hello Dragon.’
   She rose out of her treasure, the tinkle of gold and jewels falling all about her. 
   ‘Hello Little human, why are you not scared?’
   ‘You are majestic, more majestic than any creature I have seen before. As far as I am concerned I have gotten everything I came for.’
   ‘You faltter me little man, you are a man are you not.’
   ‘Yes, my name’s Harry, yours?’
   ‘Bit impertinent of you, what do you want to do with my name?’
   ‘Oh nothing really, just wanting it to complete the story when I tell it to my grandchildren.’
   Dawn watched as the half man floated in front of her, curious, confidant.  This character was definitely foolhardy, yet not a fool.  Now she had him, what would she do with him?  
   ‘Grandchildren? Humans are not that long lived that someone such as you could possibly have grandchildren.’
   The creature Harry burst out laughing; ‘Oh Dragon I am so much more than you think I am. What is your name? You’ve got me floating around, it’s not like I can do anything to you?’
   ‘Are you alone?’
   She knew there was at least one more, she’d heard them speaking, was there fore those, did she need to be scared. The two of them stared at each other, he’d drawn no weapons. The air was still relatively still, although with all the commotion of the half man floating around she could not really tell.  Thinking back, the movement before he’d arrived had always been just slight.
   ‘How Many?’
   ‘Oh Just one.’
   ‘Is it like you?’
   ‘Tell me your name and I will answer your questions.’
    The little creature started to laugh; first a bit of a chuckle and then pure unhinhibtted laughter.
   ‘What’s so fun little man?’
   ‘Well Dawn the Dragon, you’re talking to Harry the halfling.’
   Dawn Gaffawed, her deep sultry voice making the loudest noise she’d made in months.  She liked this Harry.

The voice prompt today from Story a day was - to write the other perspective of a story you have written - Day 13 is the reverse of this story.

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