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Monday, 28 May 2018

Day 23 - Bad Water

    Eric opened the medicine cabinet looking for a ibuprofen, he'd been at Jake's apartment for hours, they'd necked two bottles of Red wine and moved onto the Scotch.  Eric's head was thumping.  Thank god Jake had ordered a Meat lovers pizza, and some soft drink. He knew it was only an intermission to the drinking, hence searching for a ibuprofen.
   What greeted him though had him a bit miffed.  Yeah sure he found some panadol, the whole cabinet was pristine, much the same as Jake and the way he dressed, the apartment he kept, everything. Jake was an anal-retentive in some ways, so what shocked him was the clear plastic water bottle, blue capped with the label ripped off, written in black text-a barely legible due to the liquid inside was 'Evil', 'Demon' and 'Devil'. written vertically down three points of the
    The liquid inside was a murky brown with black crystalised tendrils growing in random directions. The contents of the bottle was as ugly as the three words written down the side of it. This did not make any sense what-so-ever.
    Eric had known Jake for about 18 months. They had become fast friends when they met during the induction at work, and after the first night out were near on inseparable. To the point that the two of them had rented apartments in the same building block. Close enough to hang-out constantly far enough away to ensure there was a level of privacy, and independence afforded to them both.
    This was odd, nothing had prepared him for such a site in Jake's apartment. Grabbing the bottle without thinking he went to ask Jake about it.  The feel of the bottle odd, in his hand, somehow warm, yet cold, malleable like clay all of which felt contradictory to what he expected; it did not feel like a bottle of water.
    'Hey Jake. What's this?' placing the bottle on the table in front of him.
    Jake did not flinch, did not challenge Eric or accuse him of going through his private stuff, it was if it was expected, as if he was meant to find the bottle. He literally did not bat an eyelid.
    'Oh that's an experiment. A fellow Dr Masaru Emoto did some experiments playing music to water, it responded.  I thought I'd try something different.'
    'Seriously? These words.'
    'Yeah interesting isn't it.'
    Eric looked at Jake; he had never expected something like this from his friend. A fellow who was so about appearance, about being upwardly mobile that he could not fathom he would have time for something like this.
    'How long have you had it?'
    'Oh about five years.'
    'What, so you're telling me, you bought this thing with you?'
    'You mean, you basically turned up here with nothing, a small day pack supposedly with all your worldly belongings, and this was in the bag.'
    'Sure did.'
    'You're weird man!'
    Jake stood, took the bottle and walked over to the fridge, opening the small cupboard above it and putting the bottle in there.
    'You want a beer?'
    Sitting down Jake twisted the cap of a stubby and passed it across to Eric, then did the same for himself.
   'To be hones mate, I don't know what to do with it. I am scared of it.'
   'What do you mean?'
   'Well I did it in uni, some of my buddies and I had seen Emoto's studies in a biology class or something and thought we'd try an experiment. So we wrote some lovely words on one bottle, some sad words on another and then some evil words; that's the one in the cupboard.'
    'Well, one of the girls drank the lovely water, and felt great, she got glow about her that was unbelievable, it didn't seem to fade. On the sad ones we simply poured it into a flower pot, a daisy if I am right. It didn't die it just drooped.'
    'Well then I was stuck with the evil bottle, I couldn't get rid of it, not after what I'd seen with the girl and the flower.'
    'What do you bloody mean, you could have poured it down the sink.'
    'Did you have a good look at it?  It's evil mate, like it's labelled. I'm not going to drink it, I can't pour it down the sink, that flows to the ocean. I can't leave it behind some bloody kid will find it.'
    'So what, you're just going to keep it with you forever. You know its festering, getting worse. You can see that straight away.'
    'Yeah, I know.'
    'Ever thought of taking it to a priest, rabbi or someone like that?'
    'I have, I don't know any. You don't think they'd laugh at me?'
    'Nah, shit no. The Catholics, they are right into this stuff.  These days exorcism is like great brand management compared to all that pedophile stuff they are dealing with.'
    'Do you know any priests.'
    'Yeah, one, stands out a mile, one of the best I've ever met, I was an alter boy to him, I'll ring mum and get his number.'
   'Excellent. I think it is affecting me.'
   'No Shit Sherlock, that dark shit would affect anyone, even creeps me out knowing it is in your cupboard.'

Dr Masaru Emoto -

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