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Sunday, 13 May 2018

Day 9 - Nalfevimeel

  I thought I would build out some backstory to Dwarvelf  

    Nalfevimeel sat the bench, his skull and leg bone gavel laying on its side.  The Drow priestess Athmeeyal stood below his dias.  She was beautiful by Drow standards. Drows were a good looking race, although somewhat harsh in their overall sharp, high cheeked, pointy-chinned features, underpinned by a tendency to dress either for battle or bondage.
   This was of course compared to Nalfevimeel, the youngest most handsome of the Nalfeshnee.  His black-feathered wings, although disproportionally small relative to his apelike body where strong, he had out-flown many of his demon kin, both in speed and distance.
    His pig face had two a large tusk that he had used numerous times in a battle to disembowel the mounts of his humanoid enemies, be they 'wood elves and there other above world kin, dwarves, and humans. 
    To him, he could not understand why Athmeeyal had not the first proposition to gain entry back into the Underdark.  He could see it in her eyes, she wanted him.
    'So you won't sleep with me? I thought you drow liked power, imagine the power our offspring would have.'
    'I am not interested Nalfevimeel. Now, What is the toll to enter the Underdark?'
    Nalfevimeel knew he had the upper hand in this conversation, the house of Bresee had fled to the surface to avoid the last Dwaeger wars.  Now that the Drow had won the House of Bresee wanted to return. Nalfevimeel knew that the house owed his brother Zerevimeel and he was determined to claim the debt.
    'As I have said before Athmeeyal, only a male and female pair of Drow youth will do.'
   'You know we cannot comply with this, we are few born and we cannot fathom giving them up to someone such as you.'
    'I do not care that you are few born. I don't even care if they are yours, to enter the Underdark you must pay the toll. If your Brethren had not duped my Brother Serevimeel, banishing him to the abyss instead of paying his dues, you would not have such a heavy toll.'
    'That was not even our clan who did that.'
    'Again, do I look like I care?'
    'Would you take elven youth?'
    Nalfevimeel was not particularly concerned with what he got, Drow, Elf; one in the same as far as he was concerned. Actually, he could never really understand the difference between the two, he knew that at some point in the past the two races split. The Elves taking up the path of the light whilst the Drow took the path of the dark and into the Underdark.
    This was an interesting proposition if Athmeeyal and the House of Bree decided to do this there would be no end of trouble for them. Here they were, a single House of Drow, on the surface and Athmeeyal was proposing to abduct Elven youth, oh this would be good.  There could be no end of amusement here, especially if he interrupted a few times.
    Athmeeyal stood for a moment contemplating the deal she had just made with the Demon.  What choice did she have, the House of Bree had suffered during the Dwaeger war, losing many men. Whilst on the surface none of her sisters had given birth to any children, her own two children aged eight and ten were the only two children born in the decade having fled the war with their mother.
    There was nothing more to say, She turned and walked back up the blood red aisle. Past the artists and scribes who will have recorded the discussion.  Now that the bargain was struck there would be no returning to the court, no passage to the Underdark unless she returned with the bounty she had just agreed.


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